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Video Films 

Clemente Bicocchi, Notturno, 2016

Notturno is a short film shot in a remote bay on an Ionian island; but it could be anywhere in the universe.
The sound of the waves is slowly overtaken by the sound of a herd of goats passing by. The goats appear from nowhere, as ghosts, and they come closer.

Once the goats have passed, we hear again the sound of water, but now imbued with a different meaning, due to of the imaginary science-fiction narrative that underlines these images (inspired by Nightfall, a short novel by Isaac Asimov), which gives them a sense of urgency, and at the same time an unavoidable destiny. 

Nigol Bezjian, Me, Water, Life, 2017

The film is poetic journey into the world of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and their dire situation dealing with water in their everyday life, hygiene, sewers, agriculture and more.

As “Water” is life, and “Life” is a being, when one cannot find water, a person is unable to declare “Me”.
The film consists of images and sounds capturing various moments in the daily life of refugee camps or settlements composed of unfinished structures for human use. 

Michel Favre, Superpositions, 2014


Following the revitalisation site from the canal of the Aire in Geneva, the video proposes a sensorial experience of the river in re-construction.
Roaming this tiny piece of the Genevan land, Superpositions reactives the sensations of the river, and reversing the water flows through the seasons. A wandering, without words, behind the scenes of Nature and the Men who shape it. 

Francesco Jodice, A Water Tale, 2008

In this short film, an old fisherman and his young helper drive through a desert. The old man tells the boy old magical stories about the sea. They stop to get water from a fountain, as they will face a long working day on the sea.

Then we see them on a rolling boat, ritually preparing their fishing equipment. We hear the sound of the water without actually seeing it. The old man and the boy throw the fishing net out, which lands on sand, revealing the whole scene: the two protagonists are standing on a boat beached the middle of the desert while the sound of water dramatically fades. 

Eduardo Srur, Pintado, 2017

The clip talks about a travelling urban art piece created by the artist for the polluted Pinheiros River in São Paulo, whose stagnant and diseased water flows through one of the metropolis' areas of note. A monumental inflatable fish sculpture drifted through various city locations evoking one of the species that were native to the area before been swallowed up by pollution. 

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