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AQUA Happenings Press Materials

AQUA Happenings Press Release French

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AQUA Happenings Event Map- Isola dei Pescatori

AQUA Happenings Invitation

AQUA Hi Resolution Images Downloads

Luca Pancrazzi, 

Nu Volare 2, 55 x 55 cm

Elena EL Asmar, Posare parole, 2018

Stefano Boccalini, Parole, 2017-2018

Nigol Bezjian,  Me, Warter, Life2017, video HD, color, sound, 16:9, 10'

Francesco Jodice, A Water Tale

2008, video HD, color, sound, 3'44''

Michel Favre, Superpositions2014, video HD, color, sound, 16:9, 19'

Augustin Rebetez,  Liquid Panic2018, video HD, color, sound

Clemente Bicocchi, Notturno,  2016, video HD, black&white, sound, 10'

Dan Perjovschi, Drawings on Water,  2017-2018

Vasilis Zografos, Untitled, 2010, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm, 

Amita Makan, Water Mantra (detail), 2018,

Hand embroidered with viscose and nylon threads and crystals on silk organza, 133 x 112 cm

Thibault De Gialluly, Il mondo delle forme in sospeso2018