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Guto Lacaz

Born in 1948 in Sao Paulo where he lives and works. 

Ondas d'Agua, 2010

In 1978 wins the award “Objeto Inusitado – Arte Aplicada” (Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil) and starts his career as a visual artist. In 1982 has his first solo exhibition “Idéias Modernas”, at São Paulo Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil). In 1983 the “Eletro Performance” at the 18th São Paulo Biennial, and in 1986 “Eletro Esfero Espaço”, at the exhibition “A Trama do Gosto”. In 1989 floating ensemble “Auditório para questões delicadas”, at the Ibirapuera lake and “Cosmos – um passeio no infinito”, at MASP (São Paulo, Brazil).

In 2014 participates in the 3rd Bahia Biennial with the work “Saravá, Espiral Cinética” for the Elevator Lacerda (Salvador, Brazil). Inaugurates his second public sculpture: “Ulysses, o elefante biruta”, at the Pedreira do Chapadão Park in Campinas, Brazil. In 2015 presents the kinetic sculpture “pororoca” at the exhibition “As Margens dos Mares”, at Sesc Pinheiros, the urban intervention “ALEX ALEX”, at CCSP and the performance “Ludo Voo” at the University Centre Maria Antonia (São Paulo, Brazil).

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