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On Saturday, May 26, from 5pm to 8.30pm on the Isola dei Pescatori, visit to the exhibition, video and performance viewings at the following times:


18.00 Neo-Dripsody (augmented) by Steven Piccolo 

18.15 Condividere l'acqua by Fabiana de Barros 

18.40 Posare Parole by Elena El Asmar 

19.20 Still Waters by Benji Boyadjian with Miram Camerini

19.50 E ed è de Marta Dell’Angelo with Carlo Ottolini and Elisabetta Vergani

20.00 I prodigiosi segreti dell'Aqua by Marcello Rohrwasser


On Sunday, May 27, visit the exhibitions and viewing of videos from 11h to 17h.


By plane at Milano-Malpensa airport or by train from Switzerland, France and Italy. Stop at Stresa. Regular boat service leaving from Stresa, Verbania and Baveno for the Isola dei Pescatori, or taxi-boat services (5/10 min from the shore) from Stresa, Verbania and Baveno. By car from Switzerland, through the the Simplon Pass or Tunnel, highway A26, exit Stresa-Baveno.